Tower Beefence Devblog: Origin Story

So I was making puns one afternoon and then I accidentally talked up a bad one too much and now I'm making a game, I guess!

This is something that's been coming for a while- after uni there was the inevitably doomed team of ill-fitted overconfident newbies. (I think we managed two meetings before it dissolved!) Later came the simple jam games that were always tantalisingly close to completion before being discarded forever.
And now I make games for work, but that's long-term projects where my rent is at stake- has to be taken very (mostly?) seriously.

This is my first ever game. I will work diligently to make it the best game I can make, but it'll still be my first game. I'm going into it with my eyes open, and no delusions of glory. Good code teaches us to fail often and learn from our failures, and I've already accepted that in a broader sense this project will be an informative failure that may not even be finished.

So let's talk about this failure!
Tower defence games are a super duper well-explored space- there's a lot of research material available, and pretty much everyone who's played mobile games can pick one up and be confident about how to interact with it.


All I really want is to do something fun with the bee theme and enemies, and create an attractive space to play a halfway decent TD game.


I've snagged a handful of evenings and one or two coffee breaks to pick away at this game. I've painted a custom tile set to play with, I use Grids Basic to create a hex-grid. My code lets me customise, store and read its tile states from a txt file, so now I can save and load custom maps.

This is likely laughably basic to most mid-level programmers, and a lot of the people I hang out with (at least on social media) are expert programmers and game devs. Entering into something with a complete lack of confidence makes it very difficult to be disappointed with my progress.

Anyway, the adventure has begun, and after every jump in progress, or batch of shiny new art assets, I'll make a post here and try to share it around.