Tower Beefence Devblog: Baby Steps

Well, tower beefence "works" I've got the absolute bare minimum mechanics playing. That doesn't mean minimum viable product- that's still a long LONG way off!
But there're towers that shoot critters which walk a path, and that's the core of what you want from a game like this. My tower defence baby has finally been born, it's just a matter of figuring out what to teach her as she grows into a full adult game*.

If you were curious, the pathfinding works because every tile has entry, (middle) and exit points- every exit point uses an overlap-circle to hunt for the nearest entry point on a new tile, etc. etc. It works fine so long as I feed it a path, but I'll probably need something a little more robust if I'm going to include live dynamic pathing- eg. player puts towers on the road to redirect critters.

(*Probably not an *adult* game, except possibly for those with formicophilia.)

It's taking all the self control I've got to not just get bogged down in graphics/visual concerns- if I'm going to get anywhere with this game, it's going to have to go through the proper channels- that means getting prototyping done before making everything gorgeous.

My current To-do list:

  1. UI and user control. Make it 'playable' without relying on weird keyboard shortcuts and console readout.
  2. Tower variations+upgrades.
  3. Enemy variations+upgrades.
  4. Economy!
  5. Rounds/Game win/lose conditions.
  6. Character/text pop-up to talk to player. "Hey there, looks like you're trying to play a tower defence game!"
  7. Placeholder music/sounds
  8. Some quick+dirty promo art
  9. Reassess, blog about progress, move forward!

And in case you were wondering, yes, making a game because of a bad pun STILL feels ridiculous.