I'm a Digital Artist and Animator with 5 years experience in mobile games and over a decade of digital art freelance!
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I'm currently open for contract work, employment offers and commissioned paintings/graphics.

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(Photo: Paula Hatton)

(Photo: Paula Hatton)

Obligatory Awkward Businessy Bio

Rex Smeal is an award-winning game artist/designer, who's accolades include an iAward for Design, as well as recognition at state and national levels for his artistic and game design contributions to game-jam/hackathon projects. He collaborated with Secret Lab on games for mobile platforms from 2013 to 2017, applying a broad range of 2D traditional and digital art techniques to every stage of game development.

Rex is a highly adaptable artist, able to retrain and smoothly develop new workflows to adapt to whatever software package is best suited to solve the problems at hand. He is an expert user of: Adobe Suite, Toonboom, Krita and Procreate for iPad.

Whilst not a programmer by trade, Rex's computing degree makes him a very versatile asset in development spaces- able to understand and adapt to the technical limitations of a project. Rex has 4 years experience of making visual assets for Unity3D projects, and has some experience developing for that environment.

Rex has a current Certificate III in Teaching And Assessment, and has given talks, workshops, taught tertiary courses and been a personal tutor in both digital art and programming.

Outside of work, Rex takes a quietly active role in his community- both local and online. Rex supports co-working spaces as a responsible volunteer, running workshops on game art and animation- both in-person and through video tutorials and livestreams. In 2016, Rex was recognised for his contribution and character as the national 'Spirit of Govhack'- the national government data hackathon.