I'm in Hobart, Tasmania- and mostly work out of Secret Lab's office. Please feel free to contact me at rexsmealart(at)gmail.com with any questions or opportunities!

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Obligatory Awkward Bio

I started drawing in highschool workbook margins for the (limited) amusement of my friends. In 2012, Secret Lab scouted me out for regular contract work, where I combined my art with a degree in computing which took me to the happy middleground of 2D mobile game artist.

I sometimes take on short contract work for other business and commissioned paintings/graphics for individuals. On occasion I've been known to perform a quick informal doodle or speedpaint for an iced coffee (no cream) or fancy vegetarian sandwich.

Sometimes people (University lecturers and societies, State Library, Highschools and other cool folks) ask me to teach classes, one-on-one tutorials or give talks on basic drawing, digital art, game art and animation. I've taught children, adults and child-like adults. I strongly believe that good artistic technique is a teachable skill, like flower arranging or the disarming of complex explosives. And just like flower arranging, it's much less dangerous if you have a good teacher or mentor!

You now know everything about me, you creeper! If you're in Hobart  drop me an email and let's grab a coffee!